What We Can Do


It is often said that the biggest investment that most people make is their home.  Recently, these have proved to be less profitable than the Estate Agent promised but, after all, you have got to live somewhere and, in the long run, you should make money.




The next large expense is a car.  Unless you own an antique Bugatti or Rolls Royce, you are not going to make any profit here.




The thoughts of many people also turn to stocks and shares and similar investments for the future.  But here you are up against some very clever experts and machines that trade in a nano-second.  Besides, stocks and shares have not done well either in recent times.



Next come the contents of your home.  Whereas with the two above, a considerable amount of time is spent choosing the right one, with furniture and fittings, the rule is often "cheap".  This is a big mistake, since the art world, in general has turned out to be the best investment of all.  Antiques, of course, can cost a fortune but good stuff, chosen with care, can turn out to be an antique of tomorrow and rake in a fortune instead.

There are experts around but they mostly sell what they can get hold of or what they are "plugging" at any one time.

So our advice is to look around, and get to know the craftsman, if possible.  Browse through antique fairs and buy what appeals to you.  It it is well made and well looked after, it may bring in a richer reward than just having been of use.

Here are some suggested fields to look at.