Quality of Life


We take a lot of trouble over choosing a car; we take several week-ends finding the right house.  But when it comes to buying some furniture, too often it comes down to the "least-cost" basis.

This seems odd, since we spend as much of our time in our homes as anywhere else.  And what we have inside tells our friends a lot about us.

As the man in the "Chip 'n' Dale" shop said, "Most of my customers are young couples.  They select the cheapest knock-down  furniture they can find in the local supermarket.  Then they pay someone to take it away and come to see me.  My reproductions can cost more, certainly, but they last severl lifetimes and the designs have been proven over many years.  Just look at auction prices, if you don't believe me".

But good craftsmen are the Cinderellas of our times.  Some speculators have spent huge sums for what will probably prove just to have been rubbish.  The Church has given up, mainly through lack of funds and the interiors of most modern corporate buildings are cold and purely functional.  It is unlikely that they will stand the test of time.   There are plenty of awards for Art, even  some for music but who gives a grant to help Craftsmen?  Politicians just do not seem to be interested.

So our advice is to look around and take your time.  Choose items that say something about yourself and which you can really become atached to.

In the end, we have little alternative.  The world is running out of resources and plastic has shown that is not going to last.  Buy something that has real value. It gives employment to a dying breed and helps to keep communities together.