Patrons of the Past

We would like to publish a list of present patrons but they are so few on the ground.  Collectors, yes; founders of museumas, certainly.  But where are those who share, with the craftsman, the creation of something which will last for a hundred years?   We would welcome names, particularly those from the great families, of those who might be interested.

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Meanwhile, here are some of the great patrons of the past.



The Medici family started as bankers, with spectacular success.  They dominated Florence, for centuries,  and eventually ruled over it.  Always trying harder (banking was not considered as good as battle-honours), they gave two queens to France and two popes.Florence is, perhaps, the world's greatest treasure-house, almost entirely due to this family

.The somewhat forbidding statue, right, is of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Hieronymus von Colleredo,1772-1812, was Prince- Archbishop of Saltzburg.  He was a man of great influence and discrimination.  Amongst othe endeavours, he was the first patron of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and always took a great interest in his career.
Nicholas I Esterhászy was a very rich man.  He liked to entertain and had heard that music helped the digestion.  So he hired a somewhat timid and not very successful musician to play at dinner.  The prince soon found that he had struck gold because his guest was none other than Joseph Haydn (right).  Esterházy was also a man of great taste and encouraged Haydn.  Between them they are credited with the invention of the symphony and the sonata.

Giuliano della Rovere, Pope Julius II, 1503-1513.

It was Julius who bullied Michelange into painting the ceiling of the Cistine Capel, amongst other works.  The quiet, contemplative expression in this portrait is somewhat deceptive.  He was also a fiercesome soldier.