Kilims are a speciality of Moldova.                                                                                          

They are woven, not tufted, carpets and so are reversible.  They can be very beautiful and are extremely hard-wearing. They are made of pure wool with vegetable dyes   At one time they could fetch prices of $10,000 - even double.  The Soviets, when the ruled over this region, tried to profit from the reputation of these kilims.  Unfortunately they introduced mass-produced, factory-made production.  But they had neither the skills nor the requisite appreciation to succeed.  When they left, they took most of the machinery with them and left the trade in ruins.Peter Grozdev abandoned being a veterinary surgeon and acquired the last going factory.  But the customers had disappeared.  He has supplied teachers and equipment to several Orphanages and now needs more sales to be able to employ some of the children he has been instrumental in training.. Here is some of his produce. More examples can be supplied on request and sizes and colours can be varied on demand:  Prices include delivery.


K 005 - 130 x180 cms


K 018 - 190 x 320 cms


K 011 - 200 x 300 cms


K 020 - 170 x270 cms


K 014 - 180 x 250 cms


K 023 - 160 x 220 cms


K 015 - 160 x 215 cms


K 016 - 180 x 300 cms



K 031 - 200 x 300 cms