Patrons of Today


Exactly; where are they?
Italy tops most people's list for its abundance of
artistic treasures. The reason goes back to the intense rivalry between the
rulers of the various city states. Without patrons of taste, and some funding,
there will be no craftsmanship. That is where we are today; business and
governments do not seem to be capable of filling
the void.
On the other hand, why not become a patron yourself? Any
contribution, no matter how small, can be put to good use. Or you could take out
a subscription. In either case, we intend to accumulate the money donated and we
shall put you on our Newsletter list (unless you
request otherwise). You are welcome to deal with the artisans direct, whether
          they are a private customer or student. We understand
artists tend to do contract work for a wide variety of
clients. However, we would be glad to act as intermediaries; arranging
payment, ensuring delivery and negotiating in case of disappointment.

When your total has reached a certain level, we
shall send you a list of items to choose from. The
value of these will not equal what you have put in but will, we hope, be some
sort of reward for helping the craftsmen and, through them, the orphans we

One of the greatest gifts
anyone can receive is that of an education, especially higher
learning.  Even in the remotest areas, it is still possible to
                            obtain Degrees and Certificates, mainly through the internet.  
And to arrange summer work so that the students can earn enough money to pay the fees.

Sample Gifts to be Offered


Wooden Statue

Wooden Furniture







                Kilim Carpet





Model Ship