It all began when we visited some Orphanages in Moldova.  The Government does its best but when the children leave at the age of sixteen, they have only a basic education.

We decided to institute training courses, so that the youngsters could be bgetter prepared for later employment.

With this, we have been greatly helped by the Ministry of Education and by local craftsmen, who supplied teachers and equipment.  The hope was that these same craftsment could then employ some of their more promising students.

But there proved to be a snag.  The artisans are finding the going difficuèlt enough, without taknig on further liabilities; the Soviets having left most crafts in Eastern Europe in total ruins.

We therefore plan to illustrate some of these crafts in the pages that follow.  The hope is that this will help the craftsmen to expand their businesses, employ more staff , gice back some national pride and offer the young an alternative to leaving their countries. .

The criteria we intend to follow are these:

1.   A high degree of skill.

2.   Good prospects of offering employment.

3.  Difficult local conditions.

If you find these aims worthwhile, you may like to donate or subscribe.  You could find you have made a valuable investment; at least you will have helped some craftsmen stay at home, with the means to feed their families and employ youngsters who, otherwise, are tempted to swell the ranks of emigrants - with all the disasterous results that can bring.