Crafts of Europe 

Sponsored by l'Ordre du Lévrier Blanc (Order of the White Greyhound).



Brief  History of European Craftsmanship From early times to the present day


How the Order came about and what it does today. We are planning to open Centres in Moldova and Lorraine to promte young craftsmen.  The results will be offered below:
Kilims Woven carpets from Moldova




Quality of Life Today it is more important than ever to own and enjoy good quality products
Great Patrons of the Past      (King of Saxony and the Wettin family)


Some of the great patrons of the past
Great Patrons of Today You  ? Why not become interested yourself?
What  We Can Do How you and the Order can help the next generation and some of today's craftsmen
Investing $  £  €  Why buy rubbish when you can buy value? 

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Willing   Craftsmen Some of today's craftsmen who are prpeared to take orders
Crafts of Lorraine  Lorraine is a good example of what is usually considered to be "industrial" but  is (or was) rich in treasures


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